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Adam does not play golf or care about golf.

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90 feet

posted by DeeDee @ 9:50 am on December 6, 2013

Adam made a surprise cameo on Conan last night. Click here to watch!


Adam on Jay Leno

posted by DeeDee @ 8:07 am on September 26, 2013

Click here to watch Adam’s appearance on Jay Leno on Tuesday night.

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In case you didn’t already know…

posted by DeeDee @ 4:08 pm on August 9, 2013

Adam Scott is the man you want and need.

A.C.O.D. poster

posted by DeeDee @ 2:59 pm on

The A.C.O.D. poster is here, and Adam is front and center! And horrified! The poster also gave us this Twitter exchange:


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Walter Mitty trailer

posted by DeeDee @ 2:52 pm on July 30, 2013

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty trailer is here, and it looks amazing! Follow the movie’s new accounts on Twitter and Facebook.


Memories from the set

posted by DeeDee @ 11:29 am on July 6, 2013

Adam told TVLine about some of his memories from the set on jobs past.

Meanwhile, on Twitter…

posted by DeeDee @ 11:14 am on

Adam Scott already gave us the Greatest Event in Television History - twice. Yesterday, he gave us the Greatest Event in Twitter History. Who knew that trying to post a photo of a PB&J sandwich could be so gripping? If you missed this epic struggle to save everything that is good in the world, click here.


New interview

posted by DeeDee @ 4:32 pm on June 18, 2013

Studio System News has a new interview with Adam as part of their Emmy spotlight.

SSN: What are your favorite things about the role of Ben? 
Scott: I like what an honest person Ben is.  This is a complete credit to the writers: he has moments where he turns into a bit of a maniac.  For example, he has a weak spot for Game of Thrones and will not let anyone joke around about it. I just love those things about him. And he’s crazy about Leslie. For a straight man, it’s great that there are these points of wackiness, and we’re always able to use them as a source for comedy.

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Emmy roundtable

posted by DeeDee @ 12:35 pm on June 13, 2013

Adam participated in The Hollywood Reporter‘s Emmy roundtable with fellow comedic actors Fred Armisen, Jake Johnson, Jim Parsons, Matthew Perry, and Eric Stonestreet. So follow these links for the article, the photo gallery, and the glorious, hour-long video.

There’s also a 15-minute video interview on GoldDerby.

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Adam in Rolling Stone, 2003

posted by DeeDee @ 7:02 pm on June 12, 2013

Added scans of Adam in the May 1, 2003 issue of Rolling Stone. These are priceless. Click here to see them in all their glory.



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